The process!
It begins with an idea or a design which is transferred onto Lino.Anything that I want to remain white needs to be carved away using chisel type Lino-carving tools.
Carving the design using lino cut tools that are like very fine chisels
When I am happy with the carving and the image looks right, ink is rolled out on perspex to form a uniform, thin layer.
Rolling out the ink
The ink is then transferred to the lino carefully using the roller (brayer).
Rolling the ink onto the lino
The inked lino is then placed design side up, onto a clean printing area.
Laying the inked Lino onto the printing area
Printing paper is carefully alined and placed on top of the lino.
Placing the paper over the linocut print
I then hand burnish the print which means I place the paper on top of the inked Lino and using a wooden spoon rub very hard over the paper to transfer the ink from one surface to the other- it's hard work.
Hand burnishing the print
Now the exciting reveal- when you lift the paper and see the print for the first time.
Revealing the print-  a magic moment!
When I'm happy with the print I can use it! This is the print on my Cornwall fine bone china mugs but I also sell as an framed or framed print, send me an email if you'd like one! 
The finished print!